Merlin Currie


Do you enjoy making, painting, drawing or just plain looking at beautiful or interesting things?

I believe we can all crea
te or appreciate art - it’s intrinsically ‘human’ and when I say ‘art’ I do mean any creative activity. If you bake a cake and take care over presentation, tempting prospective tasters...or hunker down with the kids guddling in mud inviting them to experience texture... you are using your imagination to communicate... sharing tactile or visual experiences and encouraging expression in whatever medium or genre is great - If it makes you feel good - why wouldn’t you?

Albeit ‘traditional’ in my own preferred expression, I can still appreciate abstract work, children’s tentative mark making, thought-provoking ‘conceptual’ statements...

there is no wrong...just an endless wealth of inspiration to explore!

So many people say ‘I don’t know anything about Art’ or  ‘I’m no good at it’  because they are intimidated by a self-appointed establishment’s pretensions.

Give yourself permission to have your own opinion.... If a piece ‘speaks’ to you, then listen and ‘feel’ it, love it or loathe it - we all have a right to our own response and it’s worth just as much as the next person’s.


no label... just creatively able!

I am proud to be considered a ‘generalist’ -  my personal style is varied from illustrative sketches,

simple portraiture in oils, daft pen & ink character studies to sculptural structures and graphic stories...

As a prop-maker and scenic artist I work in whatever style the Designer or Director requires and for art in the community I try to reflect the children, group or community’s collective aspirations & taste.